Our Team

Step 2 Games is a newly formed independent studio that's developing original videogames for PC and Consoles. Our current project is Rumble Rockers, a 2D beat 'em up set in an 80's corporate/dystopian world full of rock bands fighting each other in the streets for a lifetime contract. Rumble Rockers is curently due to launch early 2019 and has a playable demo, but our team already has other projects in early stages looking to become real in the future. Our goal is to make fun and engaging games focusing in great gameplay and memorable experiences.


The Rockers

Hecate Hero Character

Maxi Zamora

Lead Developer of rumble rockers his coding skills are at least top 2 between our company.The fastest keyboard in the west.

Theregar Hero Character

Isra González

Second Artist on board, Isra is a talented animator. He knows every shortcut in every program, and he is not afraid of using them.

Roth Hero Character

Nico Frois

AI Specialist , or at least the one of us that know more of that subject, according to him. He doesn't even see the code, all he sees are blondes, brunettes, redheads…

Aleister Hero Character


Game Designer, Lead Artist and sometimes he even does music. People say he doesn't sleep, he does, but when no one is watching.

Contact us

Have any question?, Interested in our games? , or maybe a suggestion?, don't hesitate and send us a message, leave your info and we surely will contact you back. we are always listening, or reading...